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Pup-Perfect Guarantee

All of our services are backed by our Pup-Perfect™100% Guarantee. If you and your pup aren't happy, we'll make it right!

MP Tub System

"People tubs" may be cute, but they are not designed to care for pups, and can cause your pup significant distress. Our proprietary MPTubs System™ "walk-thru" tubs were designed by Mudpuppy's and are the result of years of experience in the pup industry.

Quick Service

For a basic wash, your pup will generally be done in only 15-30 minutes. As you add services, the time increases. Grooming appointments are typically 2 to 3.5 hours, depending on your pup's size and work involved.


We don't use a "size by weight" system at Mudpuppy's. The size of your pup, for our purposes, depends on not only weight, but on coat length and its condition as well.


Unlike a neighborhood retail pet store with a few tubs in the back, we focus exclusively on the care of pups. We professionally wash and groom hundreds of Bay Area pups every week, and hire only the best to be Mudpuppy's Crew members.


Our dogs are towel dried first, and then gently air dried and kept warm.

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"Great Service! Amazing People! Brutus has never liked going to the groomer, but he loves this place! Highly recommend using their services!"

                       - Bradley V., Yelp review

"Mudpuppy's is great.  They always do a great job washing our Golden and Aussie.  For the past two years we've always been able to drop in without a reservation and get the pooches washed.  The staff is friendly with the dogs and the people. This is what a locally owned neighborhood business should be. Woof!"

                       - Bob M., Yelp review

"It's always a bit nerve wracking to see how your dog will take to the groomers, but the Chestnut Street crew are pros. Ruby loves going there which is a testament to the staff. Mudpuppy's on Chestnut is our go-to place. Prices are reasonable and they never try to oversell. Plus, I love that they are on time and don't keep the dogs waiting. Don't go anywhere else!"

                           - SA W., Yelp review

"The only groomer my pup Agnes isn't afraid to enter. Wonderful people, great work. So happy I found them."

                          - Zoe J., Yelp review

"Matt took such good care of my fur kid. She hates bathing and anyone touching her nails. He rose to the task and calmed her with genuine compassion."

         - Buddie's Mom, Google+ review

"I have brought Odin to Mudpuppy's several times. The staff is kind and sweet to my little guy. Odin comes out smelling great and looking amazing. Both Odin and I thank you."

                          - Ron S., Yelp review

I'm very careful in choosing where I take my dogs... I read all the reviews etc... I highly recommend this place! Very clean, reasonably priced, friendly staff, they had my 7 mo. old puppies Memphis and Minnie done in 1.5 hours!! I was pleasantly surprised. The last place they went to had them for 5 hours. Bobby at the front was super nice, he helped me load them in my car. Eder was the groomer, he did a great job, he did exactly what I asked. Mudpuppy's also keeps them in a large open glass window in the front which is awesome... I feel bad when my dogs are caged up in a strange place for hours."

                       - Nicole H., Yelp review

"If I owned a business, I would want the staff to act as this team does. Gill greeted me when I came in and told me that they would be able to fit my dog in for a grooming. They are incredibly friendly and sweet (to both you and your dog) and you know your dog is in good hands. They did the cut exactly as I requested and my dog looked shiny clean and happy when I picked him up an hour later. He's a bit of a momma's boy but he was totally comfortable there. I love that they don't use cages and everything is done out in the open. I will definitely be coming back and can't recommend this place enough."

                  - Michelle W., Yelp review

"(Point Isabel) The perfect location for Mudpuppy's. We take the pooches up every couple of weeks for a run around and a wash and dry. We have two Chihuahuas, one is a long hair. She gets tea tree oil which keeps her coat nice and shiny. They are so good with the animals, and everyone there is smiling and happy to help."

  - Sean-Franc Strang, Google+ review

"FIrst of all I want to start off that I have been in the Hotel industry for over 20 years. Chris and his team are like taking my dog HUNTER to a top of the line hotel . My dog Hunter has been going here since his puppy days and was very scared. The staff was so nice and patient that now he cant wait to get to his weekly bath routine. I make my bookings on line or call in and it has not been a problem. I find the price to be a value compared to others in the area. They provide a safe and clean environment and you can see that the staff connects one-on-one with the dog. Hunter is a 6 month Bermese Mtn. Dog and people always comment on him after his treatments. If you're looking for a home with a top of the line team that will take care of your dog, THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO . Thank you Chris and team for taking care of Hunter and making it his fun weekend ritual."

                          - Peter G., Yelp review

"I love Mudpuppy's. We take our pooch to Point Isabel regularly to play and enjoy the bay breezes, and eventually we have to stop in for some treats and a wash. A quick wash and a happy, clean puppy. Friendly staff, reasonable prices and three locations is just perfect. We will be back again...and again...and again."

                          - Paul P., Yelp review

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