Full Service Grooming at Mudpuppy's includes an array of detailed services to get your pup looking and feeling tip-top. At Mudpuppy’s, we groom in full view, and without the use of cage dryers.


A full groom begins with a brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning and anal gland expression (if needed). We then perform a wash, followed by a brush & blowout. We next move on to a facial hair trim, paw trim, sanitary trim, and then a full haircut to your specifications.



     Rates start at:

     $92 Small/Puppy, $109 Medium, $127 Large,

     $150 X-Large*  Grooming not available at Point Isabel.

Please note that the prices quoted here represent the average based on experience, and are hence usually correct. That said, we cannot quote you a firm price until we actually meet and get a good look at your pup’s size and coat condition, and fully understand your specific requirements prior to a groom.


An example of an extra surcharge being applied would be for severe matting that would cause your pup’s groom to take longer than expected.


Ultimately, your pup's expert care, comfort and perfect groom are what matters most.


Your puppy’s first haircut is handled slightly differently than our regular grooms.


First, your puppy must be completely up to date with vaccinations. Proceeding with a groom prior to your pup having all vaccinations is quite hazardous to your new best friend, so this is an important consideration.


It’s important to understand that, in some instances, your pup will get bored or nervous and begin fidgeting during grooming. When this happens, we pull back to keep your pup safe, and do our best to calm the situation. For some puppies, when they’ve had enough, they’ve had enough! In these cases, we stop the groom, and we’ll schedule a follow-up for your pup, which will likely go much more smoothly.


Full Grooming not available at Point Isabel.

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