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When a customer books an appointment online and specifies that they are interested in MPX service, the booking is EMAILED not only to the store manager(s), as usual, but also forwards to the driver. As soon as possible, then, the driver (Jonny) should contact the customer by phone and collect the needed pick-up/drop-off information.
Conversely, when an MPX booking is made at the store by a Mudpuppy's crew member, Jonny will receive a TEXT message alerting him that an MPX booking has been made and is confirmed. In this instance, the pick-up/drop-off info is to be collected by the crew member at the time of the booking, so that the information is already in the system for Jonny.
Test IF
Email Flowchart
Booking include key word?
Express, pick, drop, xpress, mpx
Booking will include phone number
Contact customer:
A: If appointment is scheduled within MPX window, confirm and gather client info.
B: If not, reschedule and gather client info.
Schedule as of 10/16
Tues/Weds: Pick-up  9:30-10
                    Drop-off 5:30
Sat/Sun:  As quoted
Collect and enter into Booker:
Street Address 1
Street Address 2 (Cross-Street)
Any special instructions

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